Welcome to version.py’s documentation!

Version: 0.2.6

Documentation Status

Documentation: https://versionpy.readthedocs.io

Source: https://github.com/gregschmit/version.py

PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/version-py/

The Problem: I don’t like manually incrementing versions very often, and I want a hook in my program for people to get the correct version whether they have the git source or if they install it from PYPI.

The Solution: If you include this script in your package and perform some relatively minor adjustments to your setup.py, every time you build sdist/bdist_wheel, the version will be “stamped” into your distribution, so users will know from the software itself which version they have. If your users downloaded your software with git, then the version.py will get the version from git.


pip install version-py

Writing your module’s version.py:

python3 -m version_py -o /path/to/repo/package

For almost all cases, this file should be one directory below your ``setup.py``. This file should be a part of your actual package, and typically your setup.py is one directory above your package.

Configuring git to auto-version:

To start versioning at 0.1.x, just do git tag -a v0.1 -m 'version 0.1'. Each commit will increment the PATCH level by 1 according to this module’s get_version(). When you want to increment the MINOR, just do git tag -a v0.2 -m 'version 0.2'.

Configuring your setup.py to use version.py:

In your setup.py you should stamp the directory so when you generate your package sdist/bdist, the VERSION_STAMP exists (since your sdist/bdist won’t have the .git directory telling the user which version they have):

from my_module_name import version


You should also get the version from get_version and ensure your VERSION_STAMP gets included in your sdists/bdists, like:

    package_data={'my_module_name': ['VERSION_STAMP']},

At the end of your setup.py you should un-stamp the directory:


Finally, source distributions don’t listen to package_data instructions, so you need to include the following in a MANIFEST.in file in the same directory as setup.py:



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